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Terance and AuDera have been married for 35 years.  They have 3 adult children and 6 grandchildren.  They also have several children they have fostered and consider them to be a part of their family.  They both speak internationally on marriage and hold conferences in East Africa to help educate and train leaders how to communicate and build healthy marriages.  Terance is currently working on a book titled “The 7 Keys for A Successful Marriage”.

No one enters a relationship with the intention of failing, but there are a lot of emotional and relational pieces that go into it.  Terance has spent the last 37 years with his best friend and wife AuDera.  Together, they have formed a bond of strength and love that composes of three main ingredients:  Trust, Honor and Respect.

Terance teaches couples the principles behind trust, honor and respect and how it creates an environment for the relationship to thrive.  He also provides tools and teaches techniques for developing individuals skills in these areas allowing the relationship to develop and grow into a healthy one.

Terance has a skill in helping with conflict resolution challenges.  He helps to identify the root cause of the issue and provides principles for the couple on how to do the same, so conflicts are not stalled by conflicting issues.

Terance understands that when relationships are not in sync it affects every part of life.  He has a passion to see relationships thrive like the one he has with his wife.

I first met Terance and his wife Audera in the summer of 1987. After spending the next 16 years of being around them, I realized that they were showing me a once in a lifetime foundational forming of how to have a relationship.

Christine S.

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